January 17, 2020
Overview: More and more meritorious Indian students are exploring offshore options for studying medicine. MBBS in Ireland is one of the popular choices which is much in demand among aspiring Indian medical students. It is the dream of many students to become a doctor as it carries an aura of a noble profession in our...
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About MBBS in Guyana South America is known for its vibrant culture, rich heritage, and a history that the world is still learning about. They have fantastic legends and folk stories that are intriguing to know and hear of. But, something that not many people about South America is that it is also a beautiful...
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Education in Guyana is mostly regulated and supervised by the Government of Guyana. The school curriculum, its funding, and other policies related to education are laid down by the Central Government and carried through by the Ministry of Education. The instruction framework of Guyana comes from its heritage as British Guiana. The country spends approximately...
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