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MBBS in Italy

Studying abroad allows students to expand their horizons and have a holistic learning experience that goes beyond the knowledge they derive from their textbooks. Therefore, it is important to choose a country that can provide students with an experience that will help them grow personally and professionally.

Italy is one of the most beautiful countries in Europe that is popular for its fashion, food, and recreational activities. Every corner of this country has something interesting and mesmerizing to explore. Whether it is culture, people, food, or landscape, Italy never fails to amaze people. The country is home to some of the most renowned world heritage sites including Rock Drawings, Historic Centre of Rome, Historic Centre of Florence, Piazza del Duomo, etc.

However, that is not all; Italy is an excellent place for education as well. Universities in Italy date back to the 12th century, ranking them amongst the oldest in the Western world. Italy is home to the oldest university in the world, University of Bologna, which has been open for the last 930 years. From a strong historical prominence, blend of cultures, and diverse and breathtaking landscape, Italy certainly provides students with an enriching cultural experience.

The education system of Italy is diverse that enables students to take a wide range of degree programs or certificate courses. Moreover, a majority of universities provide students with options to learn via distance learning and classroom learning across the nation. Education costs are skyrocketing with every passing year, making it difficult for students to gain the education that offers them a complete learning experience. However, education in Italy is quite affordable as opposed to other countries in Europe.

When opting to study abroad, language seems to be the primary barrier. However, in Italy, you will find a ton of courses that are taught in English. It is just a matter of putting some research to find those universities. From art and science to architecture and business management, you will find a plethora of English-taught courses. Moreover, many universities offer summer language camps for international students before the course begins. It will give students a head start in adapting to the new culture.

MBBS in Italy 

An MBBS is an undergraduate degree for an aspirant who wishes to pursue a career in the medical field. Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS) is a highly-regarded professional degree in the field of medical science. An individual with an MBBS degree is deemed as a certified medical practitioner. Evidently, this degree program is well-recognized in all parts of the world. And when students acquire an MBBS degree from recognized institutions, it can help reinforce their academic profile. And Italy is one of those international locations that allow students to study MBBS program in a practical and holistic environment.

Colleges in Italy are ranked amongst the top colleges in the world. When you choose Italy to study medicine, it is not merely an opportunity to learn medicine from globally reckoned institutions, but it also brings a chance to experience the rich culture and history of one of the most beautiful countries in Europe. And, international students no longer have to worry about language barriers.

Since the year 2009, various Italian Public Universities have been providing students with English-language MD programs. These programs are amongst the most diverse, inexpensive, and academically-rigorous medical programs in the world. Moreover, they are excellent if you are preparing research, residency, and clinical work in Europe or in any other country. The tuition fees of MBBS courses in Italy are also quite affordable compared to other European countries like the UK, making it easier for students across the globe to acquire Western-European level medical education.

If you are planning to pursue MBBS in Italy, you will not be disappointed. Italy has some top universities in Europe that offer a wide range of the MBBS course with a multitude of specializations, which makes it hardly surprising that over 32,000 international students come here to study. With such a diverse cultural background, versatility in the education system, affordable living, and education cost, MBBS in Italy would provide students with a holistic learning experience.

Perks of Getting MBBS in Italy

  • The admission process of MBBS in Italy is quite simple. You have to take just one exam in International Medical Admissions Test (IMAT) in English. The admission test costs around 120 Euros.
  • There is no need for any personal interview, recommendation letter, high GPA. In fact, you don’t have to fly to the country until you get accepted in many cases.
  • Students can avail English-taught lectures. All the books, notes, and exams will be in English, thereby rendering a flexible and convenient learning approach.
  • There are some top universities in Italy that hold over 500 years of experience in offering medical education.
  • With a European MD degree in hand, you can specialize and practice medicine across most of the countries in Europe. The degree will be regarded in the USA as well for the United States Medical Licensing Examination (USMLE).
  • If you choose to study abroad for six long years, then why not choose a country that offers the best of all? The food, culture, people, and world class education above all makes Italy an ideal destination for higher learning leaving you with a richer and memorable experience.
  • The exchange program allows you to spend an entire semester in a different college in Europe and at times the USA. This allows you to explore a versatile learning environment and perform clinical work to build your skills.
  • Most of the medical schools in Europe have reserved seats for non-European students, thereby increasing your chances of getting admission.

Best Institutions to Get an MBBS in Italy

Italy is home to some of the well-known MBBS universities in the world. These universities provide students with English-taught programs in order to offer them a flexible and comfortable learning experience. It is important that you choose the best MBBS institute for your studies. Following are the best medical schools in Italy

  1. University of Milan
  2. University of Turin
  3. University of Padua
  4. Sapienza University of Rome
  5. University of Naples Federico II
  6. University of Florence
  7. Catholic University of Sacred Heart
  8. University of Pisa
  9. University of Genoa
  10. University of Perugia
  11. University of Pavia
  12. University of Tome Tor Vergata
  13. University of Brescia
  14. University of Verona
  15. The University of Modena and Reggio Emilia
  16. University of Siena
  17. University of Bari
  18. University of Palermo
  19. University of Ferrara

List of MCI approved Institutions in Italy. 

  1. University of Florence
  2. Universita Di Firenza
  3. University of Pisa
  4. University of Studies, Udine

Eligibility Criteria for MBBS in Italy 

The eligibility criteria to enroll in an MBBS program in Italy are quite straightforward. In order to get admission into a medical school in Italy, you must adhere to the following eligibility criteria –

  • Minimum 50% aggregate percentile in higher secondary education with PCB (Physics, Chemistry, and Biology).
  • Qualified NEET with an aggregate of 50% marks.
  • Since you are taking an MBBS course in English, you will have to give an IELTS exam in order to prove your fluency in the English language.
  • You must be at least 17 years of age at the time of applying.

Documents Required for Admission and VISA process for MBBS in Italy

Following are the documents you need to submit while applying for a student’s visa for Italy,

  • Entry visa application form.
  • Valid travel documents.
  • Proof of accommodation in Italy.
  • Proof that you have adequate financial means to support your education.
  • Paid health insurance of Euro150 for one year.
  • Copy of previous education degree.
  • Acceptance letter from the university.
  • Receipt of visa application fee.
  • Police clearance certificate.
  • Medical examination certificate.

Admission Procedure for MBBS in Italy

Admissions for the general public in Italy’s international public medical schools open once a year. The application process is executed on a central website for all public universities. And the window of the application is generally open for a short time span, which varies every year. While there is no requirement to pass GMAT and other exams to avail admission in a medical college in Italy, you must take an IMAT Italy exam.

Step 1 – Pre-enroll for IMAT

  • If you are a European citizen, then you don’t need to pre-enroll. However, EU students must visit the nearest Italian consulate to get a Dichiarazione di Valore document, which is important for the IMAT application.
  • Pre-enrollment is the first step in the application process for non-EU citizens. It involves acquiring a Dichiarazione di Valore document, which verifies that your graduation certificate is adequate to pursue further medical education in Italy.
  • Contact the embassy or consulate and tell them that you require the necessary paperwork for studying medicine in Italy. IMAT Italyexam is taken in September, and you need to enroll yourself for the exam before the end of July. The pre-enrollment is typically open till July; ensure to check the pre-enrollment deadline beforehand.

Step 2 – IMAT Exam 

  • When you fill the IMAT Italy application form, you must declare the International Medical School of your choice and IMAT test center. You also have to pay an amount of 14 Euros for the test. By the end of July, test decree will be published containing all the updated information with regards to the IMAT exam, like test centers, timings, changes in the exam content, etc.
  • IMAT exams take place in various test centers across the globe. Typically, these locations stay the same every year. Moreover, students who wish to take the exam in Italy are provided with a short-stay visa.

Step 3 – University Enrollment 

  • A few days after you complete your exam, you will receive the preliminary IMAT exam results. Preliminary exam results will show you the score that you have acquired as an individual, instead of your IMAT ranking position or whether or not you have been admitted to the medical school.
  • While you wait for the national ranking results, ensure that you have all the relevant documents required for the visa application process. After three weeks of the exam, the national ranking will be published. Out of 90 points, you must obtain a minimum of 20 points.
  • If you are a EU citizen, you must apply for admission within four days, whereas, if you are a non-EU citizen, you have 7-10 days to apply. Ensure that you check the admissions requirements published by the university.

Prior to IMAT Italy Test – 

Before you take the IMAT test, you have to prove your efficiency in English by taking an IELTS or TOEFL exam. Following is the procedure to take the IELTS exam in Italy –

IELTS – International English Language Testing System

  • There are different types of IELTS tests available for individuals, and you need to make sure that you select the one that is suitable for you.
  • You must choose the IELTS Academic test in order to acquire MBBS admission in Italy.
  • Students also have an option to take a computer-delivered IELTS test.
  • The fee for the Academic IELTS exam is Euro 238.
  • While there are no set pass or fail marks in the IELTS exam, universities expect you to get a band score of above 5.5.
  • If you score low marks in the IELTS exam, it can impact your admission process.

TOEFL – Test of English as a Foreign language

TOEFL is another exam that you can take in order to prove your English skills to the universities in Italy.

  • You can take the TOEFL test on your computers. However, not all locations offer online tests; therefore, you have to make sure your country offers a digitized test.
  • The text has four sections that you have to complete within the time-frame of 3 hours.
  • The test fee is USD 180.
  • The minimum score of TOEFL varies in different universities. A minimum score for this test can be considered around 70-90 points out of 120 points.

Fee Structure for MBBS in Italy – Hostels and Tuition 

Living expense is one of the primary factors that students consider when looking for a foreign country to study. Italy is considered quite affordable for students to study, live, and explore. It basically depends on the lifestyle you choose once you settle in.

Tuition Fees 

The average fees for pursuing MBBS in Italy would come around 19,000 Euros to 30,000 Euros (INR 15,00,000 to 25,00,000). The tuition fees of some universities can come up to 48,000 Euros. So, based on your financial capabilities, you can research and find a good medical college in Italy that falls well with your budget.

Along with tuition fees, students have to deal with various other costs while living in a foreign country. Below we have broken down the costs that students have to incur while studying MBBS in Italy.

Visa Processing Fees 

The visa processing fees to obtain a student visa would come around 116 Euros (INR 7,832.41). This fee doesn’t include taxes and additional documentation fees. Overall, you can expect to spend around INR 10,000-20,000 in this process.

Living Costs

Typically, living costs for students in Italy would come around 700 to 1000 Euros per month, including food, accommodation, transportation, etc. Cities like Milan and Rome are a little more expensive as opposed to other cities in Italy. As mentioned above, it entirely depends on the kind of lifestyle you have.


35% of the overall living expenses are spent on accommodation, 12% on tuition fees, and 9% on transportation. Accommodation cost in Italy varies from 250 to 350 Euros per month if you are living in a shared accommodation. If you are living alone, then the living costs would come around 400 Euros per month. Standard accommodation in a good locality comes with a two-bedroom, a hall, a kitchen, a bathroom, and a balcony. You can get rooms at a cheaper rate or choose an expensive accommodation based on your preference.

Food Costs 

Italy is known for its scrumptious food and is often on the top list to explore. And thankfully, the food here is quite affordable. You can buy a wide variety of food from supermarkets at reasonable rates. On an average you are likely to spend 200 Euros per month. Lidl or Esselunga are popular markets here that offer products at the cheapest rates. If you are a pure vegetarian, then you might have some difficulty as most of the food items here have meat in some form or the other. However, if you know how to cook, then you can get the ingredients at cheap rates and cook at home.

Transportation Costs 

Monthly bus, train, or metro tickets for students varies between 25 to 35 Euros depending on the city you are living in. Furthermore, intercity train rides are quite affordable. In fact, with an amount of 20 Euros, you can take a train ride to another city over the weekend and explore.

Additional Costs 

Monthly utility expenses can total up to 140 Euros, that include –

  • Book and learning supplies which could cost up to 40-50 Euros per month.
  • Entertainment can add up to 50 Euros per month.

Scholarships You Can Avail in Italy for MBBS 

Tuition fees, along with accommodation, travel, food, and other expenses in Italy, can add up to a significant amount. This cost may intimidate some students and make it difficult to avail quality medical education in their preferred university in Italy. Students who are planning to pursue their MBBS in Italy should look into scholarship options in order to obtain financial assistance.

In Italy, scholarships are funded by the government and centrally provided by offices that are spawned across the country. In different regions, these offices are named differently. For instance, they are called EDiSU in Pavia, whereas in Milan they are referred to as DSU. There are various scholarships available for students in every university, and they are provided to them based on their academic achievements as well as family income. The scholarship amount can total up to 4800 Euros per student and might additionally cover meals at school, dormitory expenses, and tuition fees.

Following are the top scholarships in Italy that students can avail to pursue MBBS –

  • Italian Government Scholarships for Foreign Students
  • EDISU Piemonte Scholarships
  • Bologna University Study Grants for International Students
  • University of Pavia International Scholarships for Developing Country Students
  • Bocconi Merit and International Awards
  • Università Cattolica International Scholarships
  • University of Padova Scholarships for All Degree Courses

Advantages and Disadvantages of Getting MBBS from Italy

Advantages – 

  • Get your internationally recognized MBBS degree in 6-years.
  • Post the degree program; you are qualified to practice across Europe.
  • You can enroll in the MBBS program by clearing the IMAT exam. There is no arduous and prolonged admission process.
  • Medical universities in Italy are accredited by the General Medical Council (GMC), World Health Organization, World Federation for Medical Education, the British General Medical Council, US Educational Commission for Foreign Medical Graduates, etc.
  • Students who have acquired an MBBS degree from Italy have tremendous career opportunities in India.
  • There are plenty of universities that offer English-taught MBBS programs to foreign students.
  • Some of the universities in Italy are ranked amongst the best universities in the world.
  • Students get the opportunity to study medicine from the oldest university in the world – the University of Bologna.
  • All the universities here are equipped with the latest infrastructure and technology to offer students optimum learning experience.
  • Post the completion of your studies, you will get plenty of opportunities to obtain lucrative jobs in Europe.
  • With every passing year, Italy is witnessing a great influx of international students due to the quality of education provided.
  • Infused with a diverse culture and mesmerizing landscape, Italy offers an enriched learning experience to the students.

Disadvantages – 

  • Italy typically experiences a Mediterranean climate. The summers can be quite windy and can bring extreme heat. Winters, on the other hand, are cold and humid. It might be difficult to adjust to the climate here.
  • If you don’t know Italian, it might create difficulty in adjusting to life here, especially during the early stages.
  • You must pass the TOEFL or IELTS exams in order to prove your fluency in English and get admission to the medical school.
  • The admission window of MBBS in Italy is very short.

Career Scope after Getting MBBS in Italy

MBBS in Italy brings you many prolific career opportunities. Whether you decide to stay in the country or wish to expand your horizons to other regions, an MBBS degree from Italy can facilitate that.

Italy presently lacks skills in various industries, and medicine is one of them. Therefore you have plenty of opportunities to start your medicine career in Italy itself. Once you have completed your MBBS from a well-known institute and obtained your medical license, you can start your practice in the country. You can get a job in both public as well as private medical institutes paving the way for further studies.

Post completing your MBBS Italy; you can easily apply for further studies in the country. Stay in the country and pursue a specialized study that would help you strengthen your academic profile.

Italy has some globally reckoned colleges to pursue your education further. And you can easily apply for a visa extension.

Students who have completed their MBBS from Italy have plenty of job opportunities in India too. Prior to starting their career here, students must pass the licensing examination in order to start their practice. Once they have passed their exam, students are eligible to start their medical practice with leading hospitals and clinics in India at increased pay.


Q- What is the threshold passing mark one needs to get in IMAT?

Ans- In order to clear the IMAT exam, you must obtain 20 points out of 90. And if you score 90 points, then you are eligible to get a scholarship.

Q- Is it mandatory to clear TOEFL or IELT exam to get admission in MBBS in Italy?

Ans- If you are enrolling in the English-taught MBBS program in Italy; then you must clear the TOEFL or IELT exam to prove your fluency in English.

Q- Where is the IMAT center in India?

Ans- IMAT exams are held in Gurgaon in India. You can also apply for a short stay visa if you wish to visit Italy and give the exam at the Italy center.

Q- What if I had an adequate score but not listed in the national ranking?

Ans- Not all who hold national ranking are enrolled in the universities, so you might have a chance to get into a university. However, if you don’t, then you will have to give the exam again next year.

Q- How is the five-year MBBS program in India different from the 6-year MBBS program in Italy?

Ans- Post completing the medical course, the degree offered in India is known as MBBS, whereas in Italy it is recognized as MD. MBBS courses in India are more focused on providing students with theoretical knowledge and examinations. Italian universities, on the other hand, are more centered on imparting practical knowledge and have less focus on course content and examinations.

Q- What is the financial assistance provided by foreign students who wish to pursue MBBS in Italy?

Ans- Offers many government funded scholarship programs for foreign students. These scholarship programs are offered based on the student’s academic performance and family economic condition. Along with the scholarship, students with good academic background can easily avail an education loan to continue their studies.

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