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Europe – About

Europe is a continent filled with different cultures, beautiful countries, and incredible landscapes shaping many countries. Europe is one of the favored destinations as it constitutes beautiful countries like Germany, Italy, France, Russia, Spain, Switzerland, and Greece among others.

With 200 unofficial and 23 officially used languages, the continent has an equal opportunity for all. With a population of around 750 million, Europe offers many opportunities and leisures which attract people from all around the world. Although being the second smallest continent in the world, Europe packs many countries, all of which have their own specialties, attractions, and opportunities. People from all over the world look up to Europe for its financial growth, beauty, and most of all, experiences. The European Union is has helped Europe from any major financial crises, which is why most of the countries here have a stern economy and financial stability. This is visible from the high standards of living and outstanding achievements in arts, science, technology, and architecture. This is a major point of attraction for international students.

Europe is also culturally rich, with a vibrant and colorful history and many important events that shaped the world as it is today. A major chunk of the population are natives of the countries they are in, however, a considerable amount of population is also made up of immigrants.

The continent has three major divisions of languages that are spoken throughout the continent, which are: Romance, Slavic, and Germanic. Western Europe has the majority of Romance languages which majorly comprise of French, Romanian, Spanish, and Portuguese. Central and Northwestern Europe mainly speak Germanic languages which comprise of German, Dutch, Danish, Swedish, Icelandic, and Norwegian. The eastern and southeastern part of Europe speak Slavic languages which comprise of Slovak, Polish, and Czech.

The country has a very open atmosphere, with a Mediterranean and subtropical climate almost throughout the year. The locals differ from country to country but are mostly warm and welcoming towards foreigners. Europe is also particularly known for its amazing cuisine. The food culture here is as rich as that of a big continent like Africa. European cuisine is widely preferred across the world and rightly so. From Italian Pizzas and Pastas to Belgium Waffles and Switzerland cheese, Europe is home to some of the most mouth-watering and exquisite dishes.

Europe is a very prominent figure in the world in almost every industry, but one particular industry has been an integral player for the continent. The education industry in Europe prides itself on offering some of the best educational facilities and world-class education to the students studying here. One of the most prominent branches in the European education industry is medicine.

MBBS in Europe

Studying in India or the subcontinent can be a tough job if you are a medical student. The reasons are many but they can be categorized into two points. One is hefty college fees and other is lack of infrastructure and quality of education. Countries like Germany, France, Italy, and Russia offer excellent opportunities to study MBBS.

Europe provides ample scope for quality education as the research and development units are spread across the continent. Furthermore, Europe houses some of the top medical institutions in the world, and they are considered far better than other colleges because of the methodology of study and education model they use.

MBBS in Europe is also available in different languages including English. Studying MBBS in Europe means better recognition throughout the world. It also provides a better perspective for the students to study and implement new medical standards and procedures firsthand.

As the modern world is moving towards new heights and technological marvels, advanced medical study can help in creating a better world for future generations. Quality of life increases considerably due to the better atmosphere and support from educational institutions. This is why Europe has emerged as one of the best places to study medicine. In order to study medicine in Europe, you should know some things which are detailed meticulously below.

Perks of getting MBBS in Europe

  • The main attraction is the language, as most of the universities and colleges offer programs in English.
  • Students can avail scholarships and financial support from the institutions.
  • Students obtaining 60% in their 12th standard can easily get seats in recognized colleges.
  • Getting an MBBS in Europe increases exposure to modem medicine and increases opportunities in the professional world.
  • Top colleges in Europe have a direct tie-up with research and development departments of different Health care institutions.
  • International recognition increases job opportunities and exposure.
  • Students can pursue specialty courses to excel in the same country through institutional support.
  • The whole course of MBBS in Europe can be completed in six years.
  • Most of the institutions include smart classrooms for assisted education, which is rare in other continents.
  • The World Health Organization (WHO), Ministry of Education, Europe, Educational Commission for Foreign Medical Graduates (ECFMG), World Federation of Medical Education (WFME), and Foundation for Advancement of International Medical Education and Research (FAIMER) recognizes the syllabus and curriculum used for MBBS in Europe.
  • Better living conditions and standards of life.
  • Better opportunity at a global level that enables students to work in any country. 

Best Institutions to get an MBBS from in Europe

Europe has highly reputed colleges and many of the colleges appear in the top 500 medical universities in the world according to TIMES Higher Education list of 2019. Institutions compete with each other to provide the best possible education for the students. As a result, the quality of education is very high. Here are the top institutions from where you can get your MBBS degree.

  1. ETH Zurich (ranked 11th worldwide)
  2. LMU Munich, Germany (ranked 32nd worldwide)
  3. Karolinska Institute (ranked 40th worldwide)
  4. Technical University of Munich, Germany (ranked 44th worldwide)
  5. Heidelberg University (ranked 47th worldwide)
  6. KU Leuven – University of Leuven, Belgium (ranked 48th worldwide)
  7. University of Amsterdam, Netherlands (ranked 62nd worldwide)
  8. Humboldt University of Berlin, Germany (rank 67th worldwide)
  9. Leiden University, Netherlands (ranked 68th worldwide)
  10. ]Erasmus University Rotterdam, Netherlands (ranked 70th worldwide)
  11. The University of Edinburgh, Scotland, UK
  12. University of Copenhagen, Denmark
  13. University of Barcelona, Spain
  14. University of Helsinki, Finland
  15. Teaching University Geomedi – Georgia
  16. OO Bogomolets Kyiv Medical University – Ukraine
  17. Yerevan Haybusak Medical University – Armenia
  18. Kyiv Medical UnUniversi – Ukraine
  19. Tbilisi State Medical University – Georgia
  20. Odessa National Medical University – Ukraine
  21. National Medical University – Russia
  22. Mari State UnUniversi – Russia
  23. Pskov State University – Russia
  24. New Vision UnUniversi – Georgia

List of MCI approved Institutions in Europe

  1. East European University, Georgia
  2. European University, Georgia
  3. “AIETI” Medical School
  4. Akaki Tsereteli State University
  5. Ivane Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University
  6. Teaching University Geomedi
  7. David Agmashenebeli University of Georgia
  8. David Tvildiani Medical University
  9. Kutaisi Medical Institute “Kutaisi”
  10. Batumi Shota Rustaveli State University
  11. Georgian National University
  12. Georgian American University
  13. Petre Shotadze Tbilisi Medical Academy
  14. Tbilisi Open Teaching University
  15. Tbilisi Medical University “Hippocrates”
  16. Tbilisi State Medical University
  17. Tbilisi Public University “Metekhi”
  18. University of Vienna (Austria)
  19. Amur State Medical University (Russia)
  20. University of Medicine and Pharmacy (Romania)
  21. St. Mary’s School of Medicine (Australia)
  22. University of Turin (Italy)
  23. Phillips University (Germany)

Eligibility Criteria for MBBS in Europe

The eligibility criteria for MBBS in Europe are very simple. In India and other countries, students have to appear for entrance exams. These entrance exams are conducted by medical institutions. Furthermore, the result should be on the higher side to get a seat in a reputed college. Competitive exam score or entrance exam score along with the 12th standards marks determines the individual’s admission into the college. However, getting admission into a reputed college in Europe is not a big issue. If you have fulfilled the following criteria, you will get a seat in any of the European colleges.

  • The student should have 10+2 years with 60% or more in science faculty.
  • The minimum age requirement is 17 years
  • At least 50% marks in Physics, Chemistry, and Biology in some colleges
  • No need for IELTS or English proficiency Test

Additional Requirements –

  • Applicants must submit all qualifications certificates, mark sheets, school leaving certificate and other required documents
  • Proof of financial support for education and accommodation expenses
  • Medical examination certificate
  • Birth Certificate
  • Police Clearance certificate

Documents Required for Admission and VISA process

  • Filled application form for the student VISA
  • Passport with appropriate validity for the entire education period
  • Medical health certificate
  • Three passport size photographs (recent)
  • Police Clearance Certificate
  • Proof of accommodation.
  • Round trip reservation or itinerary
  • Proof of enrolment.
  • Proof of residency – Dormitory contract, Rent Agreement and Letter of Invitation.
  • A copy of the passport’s biometric data
  • Proof of financial means – Scholarship, Sponsorship, and Bank account statement.
  • Notice of Acceptance (NoA)
  • Appropriate VISA fee

Admission Procedure

To submit the Student Schengen VISA successfully, you should follow the below steps:

  • Check if you need the Student Schengen VISA.
  • Find the portal or government office to apply for a VISA. University Registrar’s Office provides latest forms.
  • Complete the application assessment
  • Submit your VISA form within the stipulated time.
  • Fill the form for the short-stay VISA.
  • Prepare all the documents for your Student Schengen VISA.
  • Proceed to make an appointment.
  • Make the specified amount of the application fee
  • Attend the VISA interview.
  • Wait for a response
  • Get admission confirmation
  • Contact Registrar’s Office for further confirmation and approved subjects
  • Submit your Preliminary Form
  • Pay the mentioned fees
  • Obtain the confirmation letter, which includes information about admission and subjects

Fee Structure for MBBS- Hostels and Tuition

The fees structure changes from one college to another college. As a result, we have mentioned a rough estimation of the MBBS fees.

MBBS (MD Course) Tuition Fee:

  • First-year – 4300 USD + 280 USD health insurance and VISA extension + 1300 USD hostel fees + university registration charge – 2000 USD = 8000 USD
  • Second-year = 5770 USD
  • Third-year = 5990 USD
  • Fourth-year = 6340 USD
  • Fifth-year = 6680 USD
  • Sixth year = 7020 USD
  • Total = 39,800 USD
  • Bus Services (one year ) is 200 USD
  • Mess charges (one year ) is 1200 USD

Scholarships You Can Avail in Europe for MBBS

There are thousands of scholarships available for students who want to study abroad. It is important to consider the scholarship option from different sources so that you can increase your chances of getting a good scholarship, which covers your tuition fees. MBBS in Europe has been one of the most searched for options for scholarships. There are government and private scholarships available for international students to avail, should they clear their qualification criteria. There are many government scholarships specific to the countries they are offered in, as well as many private scholarships that are available for students to grab in the whole continent. The most prominent of these scholarships are as follows:

  • Institute for International Liberal Education at Bard College
  • MSc scholarships
  • SRAS Research Grants
  • Stanislavsky Scholarship
  • Health care leadership scholarship
  • Charles Braver language exploration program
  • AMC Amsterdam Merit Scholarships
  • Carl Duisberg Scholarships
  • Novo Nordisk Foundation Research Scholarships and Grants
  • The Karolinska Institutet Global Master’s Scholarships
  • Wellcome Trust Doctoral Studentships

To get better results, you need to consider grants from your college and use your academic records to the fullest to get the scholarship. International students do get scholarships depending on the criteria but not all of them will get the scholarship from outside sources.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Getting MBBS from Europe

There are many advantages to getting an MBBS degree from a reputed college in Europe. It not only gives a major boost to your professional career but also improves your personal life in a better way. Some of the major advantages of pursuing MBBS degree in Russia, Georgia, Italy, France, Ukraine, and other European countries are as follows

  • Low cost but quality education: Education cost is less compared to India and quality is very high with better research opportunities. Countries such as Norway, Finland, Denmark, Germany, and Ukraine offer free education on certain conditions. Ministry of education provides subsidized education for students.
  • Better technological infrastructure: Europe has high-quality and technological hospitals with an advanced care system. As a result, their infrastructure is very good. Better exposure to these medical colleges increases knowledge and confidence in students.
  • Scope for Innovation, research, and MD: European universities get 40% of patents. It is evident enough that these universities help in shaping the lives of students where they can go ahead with MD degree.
  • Easy admission procedure: Admissions are done on the basis of percentage but not the entrance exam. This increases the chance of getting admission into a reputed college without putting much effort if your academic results are excellent.
  • Course duration: Just 6 years to complete the MBBS degree
  • Better coverage: Students with an MBBS degree can work in as many as 180 countries without any major restrictions. Internationally accepted degree increases value as it is recognized by WHO, IMED of ECFMG, USMLE, MCI, FAIMER, and others.
  • MCI passing percentage is high
  • Qualifying English proficiency exams like TOEFL or IELTS are not mandatory
  • Adaptability to climatic conditions is high World’s top-ranking colleges and schools
  • Advanced teaching techniques with better networking
  • No donation and better accommodation options compared to other countries where the cost of living is very high.

Disadvantages –

  • Culture shock: Coming for a comparatively traditional background in India, students can find the European culture modern and overwhelming at first. But in time they can adapt and begin to understand the new culture.
  • Availability of food choices: In certain European countries one may face problems with regarding to availability of Indian food especially vegetarian.
  • Demanding and hectic study schedules: Once you get admission, the competition can be tough, and the course could be rigorous involving intensive study. Need to prepare yourself about the advanced topics to keep up with the competition.
  • Understanding the local dialect: Although English is the main language yet differences crop up especially in accent and pronunciation. So students might find it tough to understand the teachings initially which also can be overcome with time.
  • Adapting to a new climate: Depending on the country chosen for study, the climate can cause discomfort initially. Coming from a warm, sunny and tropical country like India, the cloudy and cold weather conditions can be depressing at first.

Career Scope after Getting MBBS in Europe

Getting an MBBS degree in Europe guarantees your career growth as you can practice in more than 180 countries. As the colleges are recognized by most medical institutions, it is relatively easy to apply for postgraduate medical courses in Europe or any other country. Students can directly opt for various government and private jobs. Further, students can move to the USA to participate and excel in research and development. Teaching is also considered as a good option as it provides better sustenance. The opportunities are many, and it’s up to the student’s which trajectory they take and where they wish to pursue their future career.

Indian students can come back to India and practice as professionals if they have procured their degrees from MCI recognized institutions. If the institute is not recognized by the MCI then students after the completion of their course on foreign grounds, have to give the FMGE examination to prove their eligibility to practice professionally in India.

MBBS in Europe holds a very high standard in the medical community worldwide, and anyone who has graduated from the continent stands out from other graduates because of the rigorous and tough training imparted by the European curriculum that pushes the students for becoming practically proficient. This not only gives them hands-on experience in the field even before the completion of their degrees, but also makes them more eligible and sought after in the professional world.


  1. What is the total duration of MBBS in Europe?
    Ans: If you consider the academic years, the total time required is six years provided that you excel in your studies and don’t have any backlogs in your academics.
  2. Is the MBBS degree valid in the USA?
    Ans. Yes, the MBBS degree obtained in any recognized college in Europe is valid in the USA. As a matter of fact, many students prefer the US to participate in research and development. You can even move to Canada, UK, India, and Australia among other countries.
  3. What is the minimum age to apply for MBBS in Europe?
    Ans. According to guidelines, the student should be 17 or more than 17 years. If you are 16 and you have already completed 12th, then you need to wait till you become 17 to apply for MBBS.
  4. Do I need to write an English proficiency test?
    Ans. No, there is no need for English proficiency test unless a university or college specifies the English proficiency test as a criterion to give admission.
  5. What is the best financial assistance I can get?
    Ans. There are two types of major financial assistance. One is scholarship and another one is sponsorship. To reduce the financial burden, try to get at least one scholarship or sponsorship. You may refer to the respective university’s website for the same.

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