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About MBBS in Guyana

South America is known for its vibrant culture, rich heritage, and a history that the world is still learning about. They have fantastic legends and folk stories that are intriguing to know and hear of. But, something that not many people about South America is that it is also a beautiful place to live and study in. Guyana is also known as the Co-Operative Republic of Guyana and derives its name from the Indian language which means “Land of Water”. Geographically, it is surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean to the north, Suriname to the east while the south and southwest are bordered by Brazil. Venezuela touches Guyana on its western border. Apart from having one of the largest gold mines in the world, Guyana is also a place where large-scale bauxite extraction takes place.

Given that Guyana is the only English speaking country in South American, it hosts many international students every academic year. Medical students too aspire to study in Guyana. MBBS in Guyana is a 6 year-long course. Students from India, Pakistan, and Bangladesh (mostly) apply in Guyana for acquiring an MBBS degree. There are many advantages to studying MBBS in Guyana but most of all; it is the fact that this country offers internationally-recognized MBBS degrees to students in a superb education facility at extremely affordable fees.

Why Study MBBS in Guyana

Guyana is located in the Northern drift of the Atlantic Ocean which receives a vast number of MBBS aspirants every year. Majority of them are Indians, Pakistanis and Bangladeshis. While they have their own cultural and historical nuances, all three of these neighboring countries, share similarities that persuade them towards pursuing an MBBS degree in Guyana. They have a vast population with limited resources in the education sector to provide for every meritorious student. Thus, many students who wish to take up medical studies get left behind and keep trying for consequent years, but to no avail. Now, they can simply apply to Guyana. Some of the reasons to do so are listed below.

  • The courses offered in Guyana are approved by the UNESCO, the MCI (Medical Council of India), and the WHO
  • The admission is based solely on the merit of the student
  • The fee structure is very economical
  • Universities in Guyana don’t take any heavy admission fees.
  • There are no entrance tests conducted by the universities of Guyana.
  • There are set cut-off marks which determine the student’s admission.
  • Cost of living is lower in Guyana as compared to other South American countries.
  • Promising employment opportunities available in Guyana for students who successfully complete their course with good credits.
  • Indian students especially, find it easier to find work back home in India
  • The country has modern infrastructure and serves as a good place to reside and study for both national as well as international students.
  • IELTS/TOEFL scores are not mandatory for applying for an MBBS degree in Guyana.
  • The curriculum of medical studies is decided in accordance to the international standards
  • The universities in Guyana offering MBBS and MD degree to international as well as national aspirants is fully equipped with modern technologies to allow glitch-free learning and practical application of theoretical knowledge.

Top Universities for MBBS in Guyana

Guyana has its share of promising universities with staff who are dedicated, well-trained, and encouraging of the talent that the universities receive each year. Following are some of the best universities in Guyana for MBBS that aspiring students can look up and apply to:

University Name Location
Lincoln American University Kingtston
Georgetown American University Georgetown
Greenheart Medical University Georgetown
American International School of Medicine (AISM) Georgetown
Rajiv Gandhi Institute of Science and Technology Georgetown
University of Guyana Georgetown
Texila American University Georgetown

MCI Approved Medical Colleges in Guyana

When considering pursuing MBBS in Guyana, it is important that the applicant does thorough research on which universities are competent, have the best fee structure, offer the most interesting curriculum, etc. While most of it depends on the personal aspirations of the students, there is one thing that all applicants should consider- whether the colleges they are applying to are approved by the Medical Council of India or not. This simply means that the colleges should be listed under the MCI approved list so that the degree is applicable and of value in India Following are the colleges in Guyana that MCI recognizes and approves of:

University Name Location
Alexander American University, School of Medicine Georgetown
Greenheart Medical University Georgetown
Lincoln American University Kingston
Texila American University Georgetown

Eligibility for MBBS in Guyana

Guyana universities who extend MBBS degrees to students from different countries belonging to different cultural background, religion, race, color, and creed have an educational system that is not only comprehensive but also very much reliant on the practical understanding of the course of study. The MBBS degree emphasizes as much on practical application as it does on theoretical knowledge. With sufficient help and guidance from the enthusiastic and encouraging professors, students get to realize their goals, talents, and skills at the universities in Guyana while pursuing MBBS degree. However, the admission of the students is monitored and controlled by the universities to take only the most meritorious students who deserve this opportunity and will benefit endlessly from the same.

The requirements for being eligible for an MBBS degree in Guyana are pretty simple and straight-forward. Since the universities demand no donations or have any entrance tests, admission is granted solely based on merit. The same is judged by the following:

  • Candidate should be 17 years of age or above
  • Candidate should have cleared NEET (the national entrance exam)
  • Candidate must have had the subjects Physics, Chemistry, and Biology in their +2 and cleared the same with a minimum of 50% marks
  • Candidates should have their medical certificates ready.

If the applicants meet the above mentioned eligibility standards, they will be considered for admission at the university. The final call, however, rests with the respective university authority.

Documents Required for Visa Process for Admission in MBBS in Guyana

While the opportunities provided by the universities in Guyana are endless, one of the most vital parts of the process is getting the visa cleared by the Government of Guyana. The process can be hectic and tiring as well as confusing for those applying for the first time, but with the right documents in hand that are required to get your visa cleared, it should be relatively easy. The candidates who clear the NEET exam and have the required 50% marks in their grade 12 exams can, after their application is accepted by the respective university in Guyana, apply for the Visa. The following documents will be required for the same to verify the age of the applicant, financial background, and medical health status:

  1. Two completed visa application forms with two recent passport size photographs of the applicant.
  2. Valid passport (at least 6 months validity). Make sure that the passport data pages are not photocopied.
  3. Police Clearance Certificate (issued preferably by MEA)
  4. Evidence of funds available to applicant for the duration of visit in the form of a statement stamped and signed by the Bank.
  5. The acceptance  letter from the University
  6. The flight itinerary
  7. Educational Certificates (must be attested by the relevant Indian authorities)
  8. Yellow Fever Vaccinations Certificates
  9. General Medical Certificate

MBBS Admission Procedure in Guyana

The admission procedure in Guyana is pretty straight-forward and simple to understand if the applicant keeps a close check on the respective universities’ notices, deadlines, cut-offs for admission, etc. As mentioned above, the Guyana universities offering MBBS and MD degree don’t demand for donation, unlike many universities in India, Bangladesh, etc., and have kept the admission process dependent solely on merit. This makes the process simpler to understand and execute. Following is the step-by-step breakdown of what the student needs for completing the admission process successfully in Guyana universities offering an MBBS degree:

  1. Research on which universities the applicant wishes to apply to.
  2. Cross-check the shortlist with the list of MCI approved colleges/universities in the country.
  3. Check their fee structure, requirements, cut-off, etc.
  4. As required by every medical university Guyana, students applying for MBBS should have completed their 12 grade exams with Physics, Chemistry, and Biology as their subjects with a minimum of 50% marks. Certain universities publish their own cut offs which need to be followed and adhered to accordingly.
  5. It is imperative that all deadlines provided by the university are strictly adhered to in order to avoid any mishaps in the admission process.
  6. The student also needs to have cleared the NEET exam.
  7. The students are also required to upload and send the documents mentioned before to the concerned authority of the university.
  8. After having applied to the university, and getting a confirmation, pay your enrolment and tuition fees to the university. If you are applying for a scholarship, follow the prescribed procedure for the respective scholarships.
  9. Next, the Visa process needs to be initiated to get the final nod from the government of Guyana.
  10. Finally, find accommodation within or outside the university campus and make arrangements for resettlement for the forthcoming academic years.

Documents Required for Admission in MBBS in Guyana

Students are required to have the following documents ready for submission to the respective university at the time of application or admission, as the case may be. . Non-compliance with the same risks getting your application/admission disqualified by the university authority.

  • Passport with a minimum of 18 months’ validity.
  • Certificate & Mark sheet of both 10th and 12th class
  • Applicant’s birth certificate.
  • Ten passport size photographs
  • The official invitation letter from the university sent to the applicant on the approval of their application.
  • If the applicant is from India, authorization of all documents is required from the Ministry of External Affairs, New Delhi.
  • Keep Visa fees and all Visa related documents ready
  • Bank receipt of University 1st year Tuition fee (applicable in case of select universities)
  • HIV test documents and other medical certificates as may be mentioned by the university specifically.

Scholarship for Study MBBS in Guyana

The admission process for every student in Guyana is merit-based and absolutely unbiased. There is no discrimination on any basis whatsoever and students’ applications are judged based on the prerequisites provided by the university that every applicant is, and should be, informed about. As mentioned earlier, Guyana is favored by many Bangladeshis, Pakistanis, and Indian students particularly because of its low tuition fees as compared to other international countries offering competitive MBBS degrees which are MCI approved. This is a huge plus point for deserving students who often miss out on following their dreams of pursuing a career in medical stream due to financial constraints.

For this same reason, Guyana offers scholarships to its students which are, just like its admission procedure, merit-based. There are two major scholarships provided to international students, namely the Go Clean Scholarship and the Broker Fish International Student Scholarship. These scholarships are designed such that they help international students to pursue a career in Guyana in MBBS or MD degrees.

There is no single formula on which applications are considered eligible for awarding the scholarship. Each case is judged individually and decided upon. The maximum amount of scholarship allowed per student for the Go Clean Scholarship is USD 3,500. The scholarship covers only the tuition fees. However, the minimum eligible prerequisite for this particular scholarship is as follows:

  • Applicants can and must be enrolled in any educational program in any educational institute anywhere in the world, and not restricted to Guyana.
  • They must have a GPA of minimum 2.5.

A Statement of Purpose is required at the time of the application. The applicants must also submit documents which testify the following:

  • The full name with current postal address.
  • The Name and place of the educational institution currently enrolled in.
  • Proof of being a current student.

As for the Broker Fish International Student Scholarship, full-time students from anywhere in Guyana and around the world are eligible to apply for this scholarship and the applications will be decided based on merit only. Just like Go Clean Scholarship, this one also has a limit of the amount funded for the student, which is USD 1,000 in this case. The amount only covers the tuition fees. An essay along with a photograph capturing the essence of the same is required for application for this particular scholarship.

Benefits of Studying MBBS in Guyana

Studying in Guyana comes with benefits more than just academic. Guyana is a country that is gifted with bountiful natural resources that people are proud of. Their culture is rich, ancient, and very distinct. Guyana is the only English-speaking country in South America which makes it the hub of English-medium education that is at par with international standards. It has, over the past few decades, worked on its education and health system, a result that is clearly evident in its universities which invite, welcome, and encourage students from all over the world. At this point, thousands of international students with impressive applications turn to Guyana for their MBBS and MD degrees.

Apart from the fact that students need not qualify the IELTS and TOEFL exams to be eligible for applying for an MBBS degree in Guyana, there are a number of benefits that are worthy of notice for everyone aspiring to seek studentship in this wonderful South American country. Some of them are listed below:

  • The universities don’t ask for any donation and the admission process is free of biases and is merit-centric.
  • There are no entrance tests conducted by any university in Guyana at the time of admission.
  • The qualification you receive from the universities in Guyana is internationally recognized.. The degrees, both MBBS and MD are acknowledged by MCI, UNESCO, and WHO. This means that after the completion of the academic term, i.e. 5 years, student can seek a professional career anywhere in the world.
  • Since English is the language of instruction in Guyana, there are no language barriers. All communication within university campuses takes place in English. This makes the campuses more global and inclusive in nature.
  • The universities of Guyana are high on security, safety, and surveillance of any possible dangers that could harm the students. All universities take extra care to ensure that all such mishaps are avoided. In case of unfortunate emergency, caution steps are lined out with care.
  • All-around education, instead of one-dimensional theoretical education, is stressed, emphasized, and practiced in the universities of Guyana. Students are encouraged to be as involved in extracurricular activities as well as social activities as a powerful means to strengthen their knowledge and skills and develop a wholesome personality.
  • The courses offered here are more affordable than anywhere else in America. For every student aspiring to study MBBS in America, Guyana is the ultimate destination as it also requires low costs of living.
  • Last, but definitely not the least, the opportunity to learn about a different culture attracts many students to apply for MBBS in Guyana.

Disadvantages of Studying MBBS in Guyana

Along with a long list of advantages also comes its share of disadvantages, as is applicable to any country in the world. This list applies only to international students. Remember to consider both sides of the coin before you register for any university in Guyana. It is important for students shifting to a new country to have an idea of what awaits them:

  • Guyana is a country with a distinctly different culture and population. Some students might find it hard or take their share of time to settle in and adjust.
  • Even though the country is relatively safe and the crime rates are low, it is always important to keep safety as the first priority, especially when you are shifting from a different country. Be aware of your surroundings at all times.
  • The no entrance-test policy might be a disadvantage for meritorious students who, for certain unfortunate reasons, failed to score well in the 12th or NEET exams.
  • The 6 year-long tenure of the course might be too long for some students.
  • The Visa procedure for getting into Guyana is a long process and sometimes may take as long as 2 months.
  • The climate of the country remains cold, a disadvantage for students migrating from tropical countries such as India.

Working in Guyana after MBBS

Guyana’s universities offer international standard curriculum which benefit professional careers of freshly graduated MBBS students who have the scope of applying for jobs in the same country and elsewhere. It is an added advantage that the universities are approved by the MCI, UNESCO, and WHO. Jobs here aren’t as high-paying as some other international countries but are offered on fair and unbiased conditions, based on merit. Being a developing country, Guyana’s demands for health and education services are high and on the rise. So, doctors will find themselves in an advantageous situation yet challenging one as far as working as a medic in Guyana is concerned.

About Guyana

Known around the world for its untamed, thick rain forests, Guyana is located on the northern shore of the Atlantic in the South of America. It is a part of CARCOM (Caribbean Community) and has a distinct culture with its share of history and heritage that is striking and very exciting. They also celebrate Cricket and their beautiful Calypso music which rings through the streets of Guyana is soothing to the ears. Its capital is Georgetown, known for its British architecture and designs, reminiscent of the colonial era.

Guyana is also the only English Speaking country in South American, and English is used in government, media, administration, as well as all training purposes. Their natural wealth was documented by the BBC as well in a three-section program- Lost Land of the Jaguar. Their population consists of Christian, Hindu, Muslim, and other religions. Guyana is an inclusive and relatively crime-free nation.

Culture of Guyana

Guyanese culture can be commonly identified with that of Asian cultures to an extent. Since colonization the local African languages did not survive, leading to English being the official language throughout the country. The Afro-Guyanese people have matriarchal family structures while the Asian families are patriarchal. However, the culture of indigenous peoples remains unchanged and untouched by both the erstwhile colonial culture as well as the present government structure. The traditional Afro-Guyanese culture is evident in museums and through art and music. The people wear mostly western clothes and the demarcation of cultures or religious backgrounds is not apparent from one’s outfits.

The markets in Guyana and especially Georgetown are known for the Arawak and Carib crafts which are sold throughout. The vibrant textiles, hand woven intricate baskets, and Guyanese paintings are popular cultural exports. Georgetown is also especially dotted with many Guyanese cultural institutions which include the Guyana Zoo, The Walter Roth Museum of Anthropology, The Guyanese Heritage Museum in Kastev which preserves Guyanese coins, maps, and books back from the 18th and 19th century. The Rupununi Weavers Society Museum is situated near the Brazilian border near the town of Lethem which has textiles made by local indigenous groups such as the Wapisiana and Macusí.

As for sports and recreation in Guyana, the country also has an obsession with cricket, as every other British colonial country. Besides, football (soccer), basketball, boxing, table tennis and more recently, squash is played throughout the country. Besides, students can also enjoy the plethora of outdoor activities that are available given Guyana’s extensive flora and fauna. Bird-watching, rafting, hiking, fishing, and swimming are common here.

Student Life in Guyana

Besides the fact that Guyana is said to have the best education system in the Caribbean, student life in Guyana extends beyond books, education, hostel, and university. The students here enjoy a very active life, thanks to the respective university as well as the country in general. Since most universities are concentrated in the capital of Georgetown, students also get access to every modern facility as they should in a country which is a part of America. Healthcare is strong and developing every day. It is entirely government-funded and unbiased healthcare is provided both to expatriates as well as nationals.

Students typically enjoy a range of extracurricular activities and excursions throughout the country to enjoy its biodiversity and the unique Afro-Guyanese as well as Anglo-Guyanese culture. Georgetown is brimming with nightlife opportunities that are fun and worth being explored.

Food in Guyana

The food of Guyana is just as diverse and varied as its population. Major influences in the food include African, Indian, Chinese, Portuguese, English as well as the nation’s distinct Indigenous roots. The Indian influence takes root from Madeira in South India while the African influence is mostly from the West. Sichuan and Cantonese regions of China reflect the Chinese influence in Guyanese food. Given the country’s wide biodiversity and landscape; seafood, meats, poultry, fruits and vegetables are found in plenty. No two meals look similar in Guyana when one has so much to try.

FAQs about MBBS in Guyana

Why MBBS in Guyana?

MBBS in Guyana is considered to be a priority option for international students because of a plethora of reasons. Not only are tuition fees lower in Guyana for medical streams of study but the cost of living is also relatively less. Admission is based on merit only and students are not required to qualify any entrance tests. TOEFL and IELTS marks are also not necessary. Besides, the universities of Guyana are MCI, UNESCO, and WHO approved, meaning that the educational services offered are of international standards. The universities are also fully equipped with every modern technology that is required of both MBBS and MD students to apply their practical knowledge skillfully. The country also offers scholarships to international students who need the support to seek education in Guyana. Guyana is also a beautiful country when it comes to natural beauty, heritage, history and culture, something the students will enjoy exploring and experiencing.

What is the duration of the MBBS course in Guyana?

The MBBS course in Guyana lasts for a total of 6 years.

What are the eligibility conditions for applying in Guyana?

Students applying for an MBBS degree in Guyana are required to have passed their 12th standard exams from a recognized educational institution anywhere in the world with Physics, Chemistry, and Biology as their subjects. They are also required to have passed the NEET qualifying exam. Applicants must also be a minimum of 17 years or above.

Is MBBS in Guyana safe for Indian Students?

Guyana welcomes thousands of students from not only India but also in Bangladesh and Pakistan. Safety of the students is a major priority in all the universities of Guyana as well as around the country. The country has a population of Christian, Hindu as well as Muslim people co-habiting peacefully. Thus Guyana takes particular care when it comes to the safety and security of the students. However, it is always wise to be on one’s guard and aware of the surroundings.

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